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Welcome to our new pages. You will  find lots of interesting stuff about poms here.


In year 2018 we celebrated 20 years in pomeranians (and pomeranians only). No other breed can even compare with poms. 

Our journey with pomeranians, have started in Detriot (USA) and now we live in Croatia (Europe).


Fancy´s Poms is registred in :

  • American Pomeranian Club

  • Croatian Kennel Club

  • FCI

  • Ministry of Agriculture (since 2011)


We are very proud for presenting pomeranians in Croatia for the first time ever in January 2002 in TV show ˝Kućni ljubimci˝. It was a special show for us, it was first litter of poms in whole region, born at 2001.

At that time 2002 in Croatian Kennel Club there wasn´t even one pom registred! 


As a registred breeder, we try to point out to the public dangers of ˝backyard breeders˝ and breeding dogs without papers˝.

Also, dangers for all of us from smuggling dogs from neighboring countries without papers or with false papers, bring us all in danger of infectious diseases  and rabies that can be spead to other dogs too.

Bringing puppies before they are tested for rabies,  from neighboring countries that are in high risk for rabies disease, veterinary inspection can be called from your vet regarding risk for rabies for your neighborhood.

 So, because the poms are very popular these days, our breed is in danger   because of people who only look for profit got involved in breeding poms. 

 Do your homework and don´t let them deliver you a puppy!  Don´t let   them  fool you with nice pictures that may be even taken from some   other  sites,  photoshoped, or pictured by profesional photographs. 


 All you need to do is go and see it by youself. You will see the diference   and understand what I am talking about...

 Fancy´s Poms 




Emanuel Especially You Fancy´s Poms


When God had made the earth and sky, 
The flowers and the trees. 
He then made all the animals, 
The fish, the birds and bees. 
And when at last He'd finished, 
Not one was quite the same. 
He said, "I'll walk this world of mine, 
And give each one a name." 
And so He traveled far and wide 
       And everywhere He went, 
A little creature followed Him 
Until its strength was spent. 
When all were named upon the earth 
And in the sky and sea, 
The little creature said, "Dear Lord, 
There's not one left for me." 
Kindly the Father said to him, 
"I've left you to the end. 
I've turned my own name back to front 
And called you dog, my friend." 

Autor Unknown
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